App10 Java print agent on non IFS server

  • 24 September 2021
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Is there a requirement to have the App10 Java Print Agent to be installed on an IFS server?

We want it to be running on our print server.

Any guideance in how to install it would be highly appreciated!



2 replies

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Hi @alhmafa,


Primarily, a Print Agent host should have access to actual physical printers. Furthermore, the Print Agent should be installed on a server as close the to the physical printers as possible to minimize any network connection issues.

That is not to say you cannot install the Print Agent on Application Server host. We have seen customers who have done it without any issues, mostly when all the users are in the same country. 

This is documented in F1 docs as well:

You can follow the steps mentioned here to get the print agent configured.





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Hi @alhmafa ,


I would certainly read and understand the documentation that @Novishan Dissanayake 

mentions.  I can tell you at our company we have installed the .NET Print Agent on our print server without issue for several years.   I would recommend if you’re running IFS Application 10 to use the .NET Print Agents but the Java Print Agents work as well.  We used the Java Print Agents while running IFS Application 8 but switched to the .NET version when we moved to IFS Application 10.



William Klotz