Add Indian Language in IFS 10?

  • 14 August 2021
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Hi Community,


    As per IFS standard has all are global language set in IFS Application.

   I want to add Indian language in IFS 10 apps.

   I add Indian Language in Used Language screen page and Shown also in Text Translation screen page  while i translate any column of Report ID.

 I face issue with Order report  and not shown Indian Language (Hindi) .

  Which is i can not see my Indian Language columns.

I have done all steps before preview Order Report like Refresh cache language in Text Translations,Refresh cache language in Used Language and clear all Cache area.

But still not shown Indian Language in ORDER REPORT .



Kindly assist us, if i missed some steps or other way which i not click in my mind.

Thanks in advance. 


5 replies

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Hi @Adarsh,

Hope Hindi language has been checked for all the check boxes under Used Language screen page?

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Yesterday its visible but when i see print preview of my Order Report the When Hindi translation column appear like BOX .

Pls suggest us also where i missed some setting .

 Thanks in advance

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Hi @Adarsh 

Hindi is not a language in our IFS used languages set as per the latest reference environment. Are you adding Hindi as a new language ? How did you do that ? 


Then I doubt whether you have not correctly installed the language. If the fonts are not correctly installed then we cannot see the translations. This is mostly happen for Chinese language and then below need to be done to fix


See the following contents in the F1 documentation is useful for you to fix the issue. (Get the F1 documentation and drill down to the highlighted path to locate the related information. Or may be you can search by the topic.) 

Report Fonts:

How to add the font in runtime:

Have a look at the section “Include and use new fonts in runtime (Database)

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In case you’re using Crystal Reports…

If you want to use new fonts in Crystal Reports RPT files, you’ll need to install the fonts on the server hosting Crystal Web Services, then restart that server.

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Boxes usually comes up when the fond has no reference or a mapping.

If you are certain that you have done the mapping do these steps .

Print the report → open the PDF and go to properties- > check the fonts

There you should se the mapped font .

Next open the clob record inside REPORT_FONT_DEFINITION_TAB , and check whether the
Exact Font and Exact font style mentioned in the properties are also inside the CLOB. 

If  not you can either report layout or install an appropriate font accordingly