22R2: SSRS set up in IFS hosted cloud

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We are using 22R2 hosted in IFS cloud.


What are the steps for setting up SSRS?

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Hi @jporter,

To my knowledge, if the customer has purchased the SSRSOR component, you just need to open a case with IFS and request SSRS integration to be configured. 

For Remote customers, installation instructions can be found in the documentation:

Hope this helps!

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Please note that using SSRSOR component only supports Operational Report using available %_REP to get available data fields in the report. You could follow the Example of Creating a Basic Report for BI Development Studio - Technical Documentation For IFS Cloud.


If you want to use SQL statement to query database directly via SSRS, you will need to create a ticket with IFS to setup VPN site-to-site and read-only access account. 


Hope this helps