Perth Western Australia - User Group

  • 17 June 2021
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Hello, I was wondering whether anyone knows if there are any existing IFS user groups (or something similar) in Perth, Western Australia (or elsewhere in Western Australia)?

I’ve had a good look online on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Meetup but nothing has come up.

3 replies

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There used to be Lunch and Learn sessions at the IFS Office in Perth where a number of customers would join. I assume they are currently suspended due to the pandemic, but I’d recommend that you reach out to one of your contacts in the Perth office to check (Diane maybe?)

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User Group meetings are definitely something that we want to restart.  Looking at webinars initially with hopefully more face-to-face events later in the year.  I will update the community pages with the information.  Many thanks

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Hello,  are there any developments with the Perth group since the previous post