IFSAPP Cannot login in Cloud

  • 29 March 2024
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   I have installed IFS Cloud 23.2 but when installation is complete but i can’t use IFSAPP to login the error rais “Invalid Username and Password” but i try senario as be low.

  1. Log in user IFSAPP wiht cmd. “sqlplus ifsapp/[password]@<database> 
    - Can log in normal
  2. Change IFS password
    - After change and try to login but show same error.
  3. Unlock IFS user
    - After unlock and try to login but show same error.
  4. Use IFSADMIN to login
    - This user can log in to IFS Cloud.
  5. Check IFSSYS status
    - status is active
  6. Additionnal checking name of certificate
    - i found certificate name show “Kubernetes Ingress Controller Fake Certificate”

5 replies

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Have you tried following steps? 


Remove ifs-namespace for your cloud environment

Remove ifs-monitoring for your cloud environment (If installed)

delete the ifs-ingress 

Install : .\main.ps1 -resource 'INGRESS'

Install ifs namespace for cloud

Install ifs monitoring

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I thought that IFSAPP was no longer available for IFS Cloud (at least the client side, so log in via

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You can log into IFS Application (in Cloud) with IFSAPP account  if you have activated. 

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@Nishantha Anuruddha Are your answers related to on-premise situations or also for IFS running in the cloud?

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Both. IFSAPP has 2 passwords.

One is for Application login. That can be set via the application (users page) itself. This way you can access the application. This PWD can’t use for DB access.  


Other one is for DB logging. For IFS Manage Cloud customers, this PWD will not be shared. So you can’t log into DB directly (like using PLSQL developer/SQL). For on-premise you have the DB access.