When negative charges are added to a work order,customer order or RMA the debit/credit invoice ends in Printed Status due to an imbalance in postings

  • 16 March 2023
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After Update from IFS10 UPD13 to IFS10 UPD 17, we experienced an issue, that Invoices ended in status printed, due to an imbalance in postings.

Customer invoice posting analysis show the error message ORA-20105: Invoice.ACCERROR1: Error (The difference in Accounting Currency for the Invoice 2023004303 has exceeded the limit .2) occurred while booking Invoice CD 2023004303.

The error is caused because IP2 and IP4 postings are missing in the customer invoice postings.

This message is caused by bug 164696.

Has anyone already done a data correction for corrupted data which was caused by this bug?

kind regards


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Hi Johannes,

We just upgraded to IFS10 UPD17 and encountered the error that invoices get stuck with missing postings although we do not use charges..

IFS made a temporary delivery of patch 164696 to our Test database and after that we were able to use the RMB “Process Invoices...” and it worked just fine, the invoices came out with the correct postings. 
Then IFS demoted the patch and the IFS partner we have our support with delivered the patch directly to Prod. (so the solution is currently not in Test). 
Something seems to have gone wrong with the delivery to Prod because the postings come out all wrong when we use the RMB option “Process Invoices...”.

We have of course demanded an investigation on what went wrong. I will let you know when we get the answer.


Jonas J