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I have a question about supplier invoice.

At the new supplier invoice window, we type a voucher date at the header level.


This date is automatically replaced with today’s date when posting the invoice.


Is there a setup that can allow us to retrieve the voucher date typed at the invoice header ?


Best regards.

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The date in the header is displayed by default. Do not interfere with the voucher date and if you approve it after completing the invoice, your voucher date will be the same as the invoice date.


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Hello Abd,


In IFS10, as you said, in the header system fetch the system date as default.

But when you change that date, and you post the invoice, system respect the new date.


For example, I had 03/05/2024 by default, and I changed it to 30/04/2024. As you see in the screenshot, my voucher date was 30/04;


Make sure you are changing correctly the voucher date. As to be sure, once you change it, press tab bottom in your keyboard (it’s pretty visual when you have a different period because that changes for sure).


In IFS Cloud is better (as my point of view) because you now have a pop-up window where you choose the voucher date before posting:



Hope it can helps 😉