Update Pre-Posting on a Close Work Task

  • 16 March 2023
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Good Afternoon, 


We have recently updated our Account Controls to require department being pre-posted on a Work task.  Prior to this change, this was not a requirement.  Is there a way to go back into a closed work task and update said pre-posting as needed?  From the screenshot below you can see where I re-open and attempt to pre-post on the work task but dept is grayed out and unable to update.


This is holding up a close, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You


3 replies

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Hi Jeff,
I tested above issue with posting type T57  with both  control types AC2 and  C58. In both scenarios I could update pre-posting of finished work tasks once they are reopened.

Reopened historical WO

I tested this in APP10 UPD19.


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@Nethmini Kosvinna thanks for your screenshot.  As you can see on mine (and it looks like on yours) some fields in the pre-posting popup are available while others are not.  Have you tried updating others as well?


If so and it worked on one of those locked out ones, what did you do?



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The pre-posting what is available / not available is based on set up found in posting control. 

You could search for the T57 records.  You should see records that match the boxes that are available for entry / edit. 

Duplicate one of those, and edit to enable your code part.  See the below example for a new record. 


Best regards