Transfer cost accounting - error "no transaction"

  • 17 April 2024
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Hello to the community


I have a question regarding time registration bookings; i have project transactions which have valid postings and are approved (time bookings done from 01/04 to 05/04) 



I then run the “transfer cost accounting” task today but get the following error message  :


I am wondering if the dates are an issue here, can i run the action in the current month or do you have any other clue on the possible reasons for that ?


Thank you



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4 replies

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HI @MelTanyaS,

Transactions date should be within the From and To date of the Transfer process. Otherwise it will not consider the transactions that does not belong to transfer period. So in your case From and to Date should be 01/04 to 05/04.

There are no restrictions on transferring the transactions in current month. But you need to make sure voucher date is correct. 



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Thanks for quick reply; realized there were errors in my postings ; do you by any chance know how i could get a default activity sequence number on my postings line when the code part “project” depends on posting control and not preposting?


The PRJT2 and PRJT6 are setup to have project according to employee category, but no sequence number is mapped on posting line, and the error comes from the fact that it does not have a value; i tried to exclude from project follow up the 2 accounts used in PRJT2/6 but then the project no longer comes from the posting control defined but is the same as preposting.


If you have an idea on this matter, would be happy to discuss it with you







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Hi @MelTanyaS,

There is a limitation when you use the ‘normal’ control types in that you will not get an activity sequence on the posting, which means these can only be used with Financial Projects (i.e. not where the project origin is ‘Project’).

However, on the assumption that you want to track the recovery of the resource usage, there are two special control types, PRJC13 and PRJC15, that could be of use.

For PRJT2 you could typically use PRJC15 (Organization Code Pre Posting). This will allow you to post a project based on the organisation unit of the employee that’s stored on the transaction, where you can define a code string including the activity sequence:

You could do the same for the OH recovery, alternatively​ use PRJC13 (Overhead Pre Posting), where you can define a code string per overhead definition:


​​​Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Hello @Johan Lagerström

Thank you so much for sharing this information; I have tried using these control types and it works great; just have to setup the org code and overheads accordingly.


Thank you again :D