Tax Paid on FOC

  • 25 November 2021
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Currently at the order level we have ‘Tax Paying Party for FOC’ selected either as ‘Customer’ or ‘Company’  so currently tax for FOC order line will either be completely paid by customer or by company. However, we have requirement that e.g tax code ‘S1’ will be paid by customer and ‘V15’ will be paid by Company.



2 replies

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Hi @danyaal.nadeem , is that a country specific requirement you have that both the parties should be paying the taxes in FOC deliveries?

With IFS App10, it should be either, not both I’m afraid. Just went through what’s new in later IFS versions, it dosen’t look like this is changed in 21R1 and 21R2 as well 

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Additionally @danyaal.nadeem did you check with your IFS support team whether this requirement can be developed for future use, if you have a solid business case to back you?