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Tax Base Amount Missing

  • 14 March 2021
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Dear All,


When a voucher is cancelled or reversed, the corresponding Tax Base Amount is not populated in the tax transaction window for the cancelled/ reversed transaction. what could be the reason? 

for example - when the voucher is create, a Tax Transaction Id is created with the Tax Base Amount and the Tax amount and when the same voucher is cancelled the Tax Transaction created for the reversal only shows the Tax Amount, but not the Tax Base Amount. 

Please clarify? 

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3 replies



Can you please mention the voucher type (or function group) and posting type. I tried the manual voucher and cancellation of the manual voucher, it worked fine.

Please mention the application version as well.

Best Regards,


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Hi Gayamali,


Thank you for the response. This is for K vouchers and only happens in one specific environment which is upgraded to app 10 recently. 

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Hi Ilham.


Since you have mentioned the issue is in a recently upgraded  environment, it should be an issue in the data migration. In order to find the exact cause, you can raise a case to IFS Support.


Thanks and Best Regards