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Tax Automation Software Integration - Vertex - User Guide Apps 10

  • 1 September 2021
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Does anybody have a copy of the Tax Automation Software Integration - Vertex User Guide for Apps 10.  The only copy I have is for Apps 9.


Thank you.


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In IFS Applications 10, Vertex integration is supported from the standard software.

It is developed and certified for use in the US and it support not only Vertex but also Avalara.

The interface currently supports Vertex Inc for O-series and Q-series and Avalara AvaTax and the integration covers:

  • Sales Quotation
  • Customer Order
  • Customer Order Invoice
  • Return Material Authorization

You can find technical documentations as below


Vertex O Series Installations


Vertex Q Series Installations


Vertex O series version 9.00 certification is available in IFS Apps 10



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No I was not helped by this information. Its the tax template for Denmark Im locking for.



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Hi @MariaHeder , this information only relevant for US vertex tax set up and configurations.

Please create a new post with your requirement.A knowledge person will assist you.