Supplier payment authorization per payment proposal/order

  • 15 September 2021
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When we have created a payment file and it is sent to our bank we are using the bank for approval/authorization of the payment. Not single invoices, but authorization of the payment of all invoices included in the payment.

Is there a way to set up authorization rules inside IFS so that a payment order is always approved by two persons, based on their level of authority, before it is sent to the bank?

I have looked into the Invoice payment authorization setup, but this seems to be authorization levels per invoice, not per payment.

2 replies

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In the payment process, we have several steps. 

  1. Invoice installment is authorized for payment
  2. Payment proposal is created
  3. Payment proposal is acknowledged
  4. Payment order file is created

Steps 1 and 3 in this process is in fact authorization. But this process assumes that payment file created in IFS is then loaded to bank and signed in the bank according to the internal corporate rules. 

I am afraid there’s no other workflow in IFS available.

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Thanks @Adam Bereda!

Maybe not the answer I was hoping on, but at least I know now!

Thanks for quick reply!


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