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Topic raised on behalf of case G2339508

“Customer is trying to go live with Pagero with the eInvoice module but running into issues with defining the tax codes. If we try to use a 0% deductible tax code which is a Non-Deductible Tax Amount there is no place in the external file template to define this.”

They are CAD company and do not use VAT code. They are Sales Tax set up.

As per below screen shot, the PST tax code is a 0% deductible tax code therefore when used, the amount populates in Non-deductible tax amount column. However, in using the external supplier invoice template if we populate the tax code (fee code) on the tax row it does not. The only fields available is Tax Amount and Tax Amount in Acc Curr which seems not incorrect.



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To clarify, the external file template in IFS does not have a “T” field for non deductible tax therefore how can we populate the column ?


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There is a checkbox in External Supplier Invoice Parameters window “Recalculate Non-Deductible Tax”

Help text for this check-box:

If this check box is selected, and the default tax code/s fetched for the supplier is not 100% deductible, the tax amount should be recalculated. Note: This check box is only considered if no tax code is included in the external file.


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