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Removing Ledger Account flag from the backend

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Are there any adverse consequences of removing the Ledger Account flag from the backend?

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Hi ,


When the ledger account tickbox is removed, it's allowed to pass manual voucher entries to the GL Accounts.

Further, the non-ledger accounts are not allowed to be added in certain posting types. So better to check the Posting Types as well.


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Hi Madusha,

Thanks for the answer. Are there any other adverse consequences of doing it like effects on reports etc…?

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Ledger accounts are accounts with item in subledgers (Fixed assets, accounts payable and receivable, cash...). If account was marked as ledger account and has been used in ledger entry (invoice, payment, FXA transaction), you should make sure all these entries are cancelled before you can remove Ledger account flag from back end. Otherwise you may fall into troubles. 


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Prior to removing, please consider transactions already on the hold table which could affect the subjected account. 

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Sometimes to correct an error, a manual entry in a Ledger Account has to be made. Therefore, i want to know how to make a manual entry in a Ledger Account. And how to remove the flag from the back end?


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You can enter a manual voucher for a Ledger Account with the voucher type from Q group, it can be used for some balance corrections. It is strongly not recomended to use back door to clear ledger flag.

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Hi everybody


If I use Q Voucher to pass an entry in the accounts payable, will the sub ledger of that respective supplier be hit? I think the answer is no…. can anybody shed some light on this and assist me out please

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Hello everybody


It would be so kind of you if you could guide as to how to remove the ledger account flag from the back end? I would really appreciate if somebody could share the path  and /or command to type.


Thanking in advance