Process CAMT.053 With supplier payment.

  • 30 August 2021
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Dear all,


How can you automatic match one of the bank statement in a CAMT.053 to a supplier payment?

For example:

I got a CAMT.053 with this information:

                <Amt Ccy="EUR">39.33</Amt>


How must I setup IFS so the in the external payment I See that it's a supplier payment?

4 replies

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You need to enter more information before the question can be abswered.

The matching will be based on what comes after the data you entered, the tag <NtryDtls> is followed by the matching information, Supplier and invoice ID’s.


Jonas Jäthing

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Hi  @RLGroener ,


You need to make the below setup 

1.For Payment method CAMT053 you need to map the message code with the issuer and the respective Transaction Type.Since you need to match this as a supplier transaction you may set the transaction type to “Supplier Payment”



2.Issuer name should be the name fetched under the XML tag  <Issr> and the message code is ICDT 


3.Once the XML is loaded ,transaction will get automatically matched as a supplier payment in External Payments




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Hi Bandara,

Excuse for my late reaction and thank you for your reaction.


Do I understand you correctly when i say that:

You've to define the issuer and  that you must not use the * for the specific message code?



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Hi RLGroener 


The issuer used depends on what information you have in the file, some bank use specific issuer and some not, according to my experience. 

If it is a specific you need to added that as well.