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Pre-posting override for M30

  • 29 December 2021
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Hello all,

I have a customer order with pre-posting (Code part=Interco) entered for every line using M104.
When the invoice is posted, I don't want to take into consideration the pre-posting in the posting line connected to M30. For M30, I want to have the value in Interco according to the M30 rule, not pre-posting.
Instead, when it comes to M24, I need to have the value in Interco from pre-posting (if exists). 
Here are my settings:

For M24 everything works fine, but for M30 I am not able to not override the value from M30. The system puts the value, in the voucher, in code part Interco from the invoice pre-posting line, instead of the value from M30.

Could you please advise?

Thank you in advance!


Best answer by Malgorzata Palatynska 29 December 2021, 13:15

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Hi @BeaOvidiR 


As I remember, pre-posting is always superordinate to posting rules.

It works in the following order:

1. pre-posting

2. code string completion

3. posting rules


The posting rules can be overwritten by the code string completation if it allowed (Override column)


Best regards,


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Hi Małgorzata,

Thank you for your answer.

Still, I was wondering if the note below is referring also to the pre-posting, not only code string completion.

Statement from IFS help:


Allowed or Not Allowed is displayed automatically and can be changed. This indicates whether the code string completion can override a current posting control instruction.

Note: This will include preposting defined in IFS Manufacturing/IFS Distribution/IFS Maintenance.”

Best regards,