Posting control error

  • 30 December 2019
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Hi Folks,


There is an error in Maintenance Posting analysis.

Error: Value is missing or has an invalid time interval for posting type TP1 control type C55 code part B in company 1001.


I have checked the prepostings added to Work order and all are added correctly and also they are in Posting control Navigator.


Can you please help here

Thank you !!

1 reply

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First I would navigate to the Posting Controls screen.   Make sure you are in Company 1001 and query for your TF1 posting control.  Highlight the line for TP1, control type C55, code part B and RMB to Details.  This will bring up the Posting Control Details screen.  Make sure you have a cost center entered for your Maintenance Org. per Site it set up with a valid from date. 

Even though you are preposting, the IFS Application first makes sure the main posting control (TP1/C55) is set up correctly, before it fetches the preposting data.  Please check this and see if this helps resolves your issue.