Please share the validations for Supplier Payment Details that IFS performs when a BACS payment is done.

  • 26 January 2022
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Hi everyone,

I’m creating this post on behalf of Ieva based on a case reported to support Services. Please help Ieva on the below mentioned question or the request.

“Question: Please share the validations for Supplier Payment Details that IFS performs when a BACS payment is done.

We'd like to check all the validations from the technical perspective that take place when a file is generated after the payment proposal but only relating to the supplier payment details.

This is required because customer is using an XML file now to do the BACS payments (due to changes in the bank) but the same checks do not seem to be performed. They can be introduced with the preparation of the file - but I cannot see what the technical checks in relation to the supplier payment details are. 

Test plan:
1) Go to Payment formats per Company
2) Enable BACS payment format
3) Add a payment method BACS and link it to payment format BACS
4) Go to Payment Institutes - RMB and select "Payment Methods per Institute" and add BACS payment method
5) Add supplier payment details for BACS payment method for supplier ABC, filling out Sort Code and Bank Account and Name
6)  Create a payment proposal using BACS payment method
7) Add a payment on account line in the proposal and add an amount of 100

We wish to find out the validations related to Payment Address Details that IFS does for BACS when payment is generated.”


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Hi @Peshala Gamage ,

Please inform the customer, IFS does not provide the exact BACS output which their bank expect. IFS standard BACS file only contains the raw data which can be used to generate the actual file through a 3rd party system. So, basically the current validations available in electronic payment address level is specific to IFS and these validations are not related to UK BACS standard. 

You can inform customer, they can replace IFS standard BACS format by ISO20022 format, since ISO20022  credit transfer file is capable of handling the BACS clearing. This should be the right approach going forward.

Best Regards


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Thank you for this. We have explored all these avenues - all we are interested is what does IFS check in relation to the supplier bank details when making a payment (either BACS format OR ISO20022 using the Service Level Code of NURG)​​​​​​​

  1. Sort number has to be 6 numbers or just that it is not blank
  2. account has to be 8 numbers? or just that it is not blank
  3. Payment details are valid
  4. What else?

There is no expectation that IFS would do validations that are bank specific - we want to check general validations that take place. Thank you!