Payment notice in payment file

  • 25 January 2023
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I have a customer that needs to send payment notice instead of using account or bank/plusgiro. This is not common nowadays but the need it. 

Anyone who knows how to set up this in cloud?

Many thanks

Lena Hermodsson

2 replies

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Do you mean a payment receipt?

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I believe you are referring to remittance advice and emailing that remittance advice to the supplier when a payment order is created.  This is a very common process for certain payment methods where that information is not freely sent to the suppliers. In some cases, the data may not be available in a payment file or in other cases (for example US ACH) banks often require suppliers to pay a fee for receiving that information.   Back in Apps 8 an emailing remittance advice process was created. 

If this is the case, send me an email and I’ll send a document that’s based on an older version of IFS. That process should still apply to IFS Cloud.