Paym Term Base Date = End of Month

  • 29 April 2024
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Hi Everybody,


I have the need to setup a couple of payment terms that have the Payment Term Base Date = End of Month, so it always start counting the days at the end of month, then after counting the days make is end of month again and then add a fixed number of days.


I managed to do it but only if I set manually on the invoice, the Paym Term Base Date as end of month. Is there a way to have this setup automatically?


In my example, an invoice issued on 02-April will have the first installment due on 05-Aug and the second due still on 05-Aug as is starts counting the days on 02-Apr and 90 days are on 1st of July, and 120 days are on 31st of July which lead to the same end of month.


Thank you!



Best answer by Adam Bereda 29 April 2024, 17:26

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You can try to specify 1 as Number of Free Delivery Months - in both the lines. 
As per my understading, this makes system to apply remaining calculation rules from end of base date month. 

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Hi Adam,


Thank you, is this the solution I was looking for. Thank you!


Wish you a great day ahead!