Opening balance currency issue

  • 13 January 2022
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 Initially supplier opening balance was recorded in a wrong currency. After correcting that by mixed payment, the opening balance has been transferred to an incorrect account. Need a transfer the balance to the correct account


Raised on behalf of LCS Case ID G2308997

1 reply

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Assuming this was the IP1 side going to the wrong account, you can update the supplier / posting control (the reason why IP1 was the wrong account) and then use the function to “Repost Ledger Item”.    This will fix the IP1 side or IP2 side if we use this for customer invoices. 


If the manual posting side of the invoice hit the wrong account, then need more information. Like what’s the wrong account / is this side connected to anything, etc.  If we hit the wrong expense account (no connections to other things in IFS) you can do a manual voucher to correct. 


You can highlight many invoices or just the problem invoice and run the process. The process is safe and only creates postings for the invoices that are actually changed (posted to a different IP1 account). 

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