Object Transaction ID Jump

  • 28 September 2021
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Hello.  Kindly refer to the attached file, which is the Object Transactions Analysis window populated.


I recently imported acquisition values and accumulated depreciations for 24 assets (rows 2-49 of the attached) via external file upload. For the acquisition transactions, I assigned an object transaction ID of 1 and for accumulated depreciation transactions, I assigned an object transaction ID of 2. 


I then activated object 2016-027, ran and posted depreciation on it then rolled back (rows 50-51). The object transaction ID for the depreciation posting and the rollback is 938 and 939 respectively.


I then activated object 2016-041A, then ran and posted depreciation for it and object 2016-027 (rows 52-53). The object transaction IDs for these are 1145 and 1146.


I am trying to understand why there is such a large jump in the transaction object ID. Why is it that the first depreciation and rollback (rows 50-51) jumped all the way to object transaction IDs 938 and 939. Then the next depreciation jumped to object IDs 1145 and 1146.


I would appreciate any assistance and insight on this. Thank you.

1 reply

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Hi @andrei.borromeo 

object transaction id is generated from Oracle sequence. This sequence is common for whole installation of IFS Aplication. Maybe someone in another company has created more object transactions and this is the reason.

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