Move CUPOA between companies

  • 25 January 2023
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Hi there!


We have a customer that has an account across two different companies (6201 & 6202).


A payment was receipted to their 6202 account that was supposed to be for an invoice on their 6201 account. 


Is there anyway within IFS to pick up the payment, now sitting as a CUPOA on 6202, and move it to their 6201 account?


Appreciate your help! :) 

4 replies

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Hi @TCourtnay,

I’m suggesting below solution. 

  1. Create Mixed payment and select the advance payment (CUPOA) created for company 6202.
  2. Select the invoice created for company 6201 in the same mixed payment. (Change the company in matching information, Refer below screen preview for easy reference. 
  3. Then approve the transaction. This will create the inter co transaction and make sure that posting control is setup correctly.

Best Regards


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When I do the mixed payment in the 6202 company and then pick up the 6201 invoice (6201 invoice is the transaction no 2) this is the error I get;


Having a look under posting controls, the settings are as follows;



Are you able to advise what is missing / needs to be changed from here?


thank you!

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Based on the error message and the screen images, the posting control does not appear to be completely set up. It would appear that ZZ is not a traditional account, and that was probably used so that these types of transactions would intentionally error.   I say this because I don’t recall ever seeing a client where ZZ being a valid / traditional account number.  

To correct the posting control settings, you should probably refer to similar posting controls such as IP13 and IP14. Both relate to similar accounting entries - Inter-company due to / Due from.   Hopefully those are set up to a more traditional account string.   Then you should be able to copy / create similar settings for the PP22 and PP23. 


FYI, you would need similar posting control set up on both companies. You can’t just fix the company where the mixed payment is entered.

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Hi, @TCourtnay, do not you need to transfer relevant cash between two companies, not only customer liabilities?
Solution suggested by @Narmada just creates intercompany transaction, is not affecting any bank account. It might be OK or not - depending on the way your companies are related.

If they relations are not tight, ideally comany 6202 should transfer this amount to company 6201, and this transfer should close payment on account in 6202 and invoice in 6201. Payment can be ordered manually (outside the system) and booked as two mixed payments - one in each company.