Monthly recurring vouchers

  • 6 March 2023
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I would like to know if there is a possibility to post monthly recurring vouchers automatically in IFS? 

Not amounts depending on other entries like in GL automatic posting rule but for example amounts accrued each month for an insurance. 


Thanks a lot for your answers. 



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Hello @Aurelia 

You can use period allocation functionality to achieve this goal. The function is available on the invoice, manual voucher, mixed payment etc.

There are number of steps you need to complete before allocating your cost.

  1. You need to have voucher type with function group X
  2. Define voucher series per voucher type and assign the user group you want
  3. Define posting control GP2 (Account Prepaid Expenses)
  4. Enter your insurance invoice with cost account
  5. Select posting line and click period allocation
  6. Enter start and end date for the allocation, select user group and X voucher type and allocation method
  7. Click distribute button, IFS will calculate for you allocation for defined range
  8. Click OK and complete invoice posting
  9. Update vouchers to general ledger
  10. You can see allocation vouchers in GL voucher rows analysis


Select Period allocation on Invoice posting


Enter information on allocation window and click distribute

Hope this explanation helps

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As noted, the period allocation is a great tool that allocates an amount (insurance invoice) over multiple periods. 

For other common recurring type postings - month end entries (payroll and other) accruals that are nor spread over the months, we use the Voucher Template.   

A voucher template can optionally save amounts for example same amount every month, or for payroll where the value is different every month you would not include the amounts. 

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Thanks a lot for your answers !