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Modify the Accounting period

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This is regarding Modify the Accounting period..

I am in an opinion to change the Opening and the ending date of my next accounting Period.

But in the period that I am looking  to change the dates, there are some “R” Vouchers posted.

Those are come as interim vouchers of last month “M” Vouchers.

System doesn’t allowed me to modify the Opening and the ending date of my next accounting Period, due to those “R” Entries

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If there is any voucher in next period , example voucher of type X - periodical allocation, you cannot change Valid from and Valid until dates for the period from the Application. I'm wondering what is the reason you want to change those dates.

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Why would you need to modify opening date of the NEXT accounting period? It would mean you want to modify of closing date of the CURRENT period, because they must be continuous, and you must do it before the period is used. Once transactions exist - it is too late to redefine calendar - there is no way to change these dates.