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Mixed Payment - Cash Transfer Voucher Type

  • 10 November 2020
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I am testing a Cash Transfer to allow us to post any bank transfers etc we make.


I am doing this between two companies/entities we have, but I am getting the following error, although I have a voucher type in the General Tab?



5 replies

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Dear Stephen,


If you have already defined a user group per voucher series for voucher type N as the default type, I believe this error should not be raised. Even with the aforementioned basic data, if you get the error. I believe it is best to log a support ticket to IFS in order to further investigate the error.

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We are having the same issue. It will work if you approve using IFSAPP. Our user group per voucher series for voucher N is the default. Were you able to resolve this?

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In this case this means that IFS will not support both matched and unmatched payments on the same mixed payment. Try it by creating 2 different mixed payments (one with with the match invoices and the other one without). 
This shall work accordingly

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Make sure the basic data is set up correctly for both companies; user group should be attached to the voucher series for Voucher Type N.
When a multi company payment is created the basic data will be fetched considering the default user group of the particular affiliated company.

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Hi ,

You should have default voucher type for Payment defined in your source company, from which cash transfer is done, and also in your destination company, to which the transfer is sent.

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