Milestone/Staged payment issue in purchase order:


Hello everyone,

I got an issue and I would like to know if someone here faced it and got a solution.

The issue concerns the value in “Stage Payment” column which is always “0” when we use “CLP” currency in our purchase order.


In that column, we can edit the percentage, but we have to click twice on “Save” button in order to update our milestone payment information. when we click on “save” button, this is what happen:

  • First time, all the stage amounts are updated according to the percentages we set but the buttons “Save” and “Cancel edit” don’t disappear.
  • Second time, the buttons “Save” and “Cancel edit” disappear, all the values in “Stage Payment (%)” column change to “0”, all the stage amounts remain the same.


But when we change and use “USD” currency, we don’t have that issue.


it seems that maybe the cause of this issue could lies in the configuration of the “Currency codes” (USD and CLP) in the “No of Decimals in Amount” column.



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