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manual supplier invoice matching error

  • 16 August 2021
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in manual supplier invoice,  in the matching step.

system show this message ?

the activity seq cell is blocked !




Best answer by Adam Bereda 16 August 2021, 15:56

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If you are matching invoice with purchase order charges and posting is related to Project (with activity structure), charge should be connected to PO line and this line - with relevant project. Otherwise system cannot identify project activity. 
I have noticed this behavior with non-inventory items, but I think inventory items behave in the same way. 

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could you give me example please ?

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Hi @Nagah.khaled,


I believe issue will be fixed after modifying the account setup for 'Exclude the project flow' from FALSE to TRUE. Please revert this after posting the invoice. 


Kind Regards,


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Hi @Nagah.khaled,

What kind of example do you expect?

You have project id present in your M187 posting. If that project is created in IFS/Project and has activities defined, and M187 is directed to profit and loss account, project activity sequence is mandatory to connect cost to relevant part of the project. 

For cost account, I believe, solution indicated by @Kalpa Veranga above will not work. 

This activity can only be taken from PO line, and for that purpose charge should be directly connected to PO line, without distribution.

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@Adam Bereda

in that case the M187 setup must be

Exclude Project Pre Posting or Exclude Project Pre Posting or what ?


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after matching system display the project number only.

system doesn’t pick the activity sequence and block its list.

in the posting type M187 the project pre-posting was set to “Exclude Project Pre Posting” !


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OK, so please check your M187 posting control setup in Accounting Rules. Perhaps project code part is not needed there at all. 

Please as well check on which account (code part A) M187 is directed and if this account is included in project follow-up. If project is needed, M187 account should be liabilities or assets account and excluded from project-follow-up (without need for project activity sequence)

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the issue happened because of setup error.

both of company 101 and 111 are using the account 21501014

in company 101 the account not excluded from project follow-up and used 

1- as cost /revenue element

2- in posting control M187

technically you can’t use the same account in M187 and cost /revenue element