IP31 - ORA-20105: Invoice.ACCERROR1: Error (The difference in Accounting Currency for the Invoice 202400057 has exceeded the limit .02) occurred while booking Invoice CD 202400057.

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We have a serious issue with a posting that is using IP31 - I don’t know why but it just posts the amount and credit amount to voucher rounding. We effectively have to setup the Company Page here to be a ridiculous difference to allow the the invoice to post or select override on the voucher when processing in customer invoices with errors.

Row 14 in the posting below is to 7199 (IP31 defaulted to this code). But it should not need to use this and should be posting to 2442. I don’t understand why the amount and credit amount decide they are better off elsewhere and it doesn’t just post to 2442 alongside the currency amount.

Also Currency Amount and amount are the same currency so how is there possibly a difference.

This posting then means the GL is out of balance on Currency amount and Amount

You cannot directly update tab accounting_balance_tab with the correct posting_combination_id as posting_combination_id is a primary key to correct the voucher in the Database.

Our only solution is to credit the invoice and then setup IP31 to post to 2442. But this seems an unnecessary workaround for something that should just post correctly without needing to Utilise IP31 in the first place.

And how do you back date an invoice as I'm trying to correct this in a prior month so this is a separate issue?​​​​​​

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