Invoice Voucher Difference Supplier(customer)

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Hello . When is this posting type(ip28 or ip31) activated? And what is the solution to not face it?

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IP28 – Invoice Voucher Difference – Supplier

IP31 - Invoice Voucher Difference – Customer


IP28 is for Supplier Invoices

IP31 is for Customer Invoices


IP28 has been available for a while, but IP31 is new for APP10.

If an invoice is out of balance due to a rounding issue, instead of erroring out with an ‘out of balance’ error, now the difference will post to IP31 for your customer invoices. 

Out of balance customer invoices, typical require data repair.  Therefore with this new posting control IP31; out of balance customer invoices will no longer need data repair. 

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In addition: Accepted voucher difference in company currency is a parameter of the company, you can see it in Company Master / Invoice