IFSAPP9: How can I amend a customer order line that has been invoiced/closed?

  • 25 January 2023
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We have an issue where someone has overwritten the price/qty of a customer order line, the order was then invoiced. Our accounts receivable team spotted the issue, corrected the customer collective invoice at ‘Prelim’ state manually. However, they didnt amend the customer order line before doing this and it now is showing an incorrect value on the customer order.


Any ideas how I can roll back the customer order line state to make the amendment??

2 replies

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Sorry, but after a point in a flow, that type of data cannot be changed.   Normally the common process would be to use a correction invoice.  However, this still does not change the customer order price. 

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You could raise an RMA to ‘undespatch’ the order line, amend it then re-despatch it.

Bear in mind the tax point dates will then be changed as a result.