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How can I resend e-mail invoice?

  • 3 September 2020
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Using APPS9


We use the standard functionality to email our customer invoices out from the ‘Print Customer Invoices’ screen. Simple RMC and selection option to email

Some for whatever reason have failed and we would like to resend. Anyone know if there is a resend method? We can print, but that doesn't make the standard event fire.

Alternatively - any clues on how I setup customer emailing of invoices via report rules??



3 replies

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Resend Invoice RMB can be found in Customer Invoice screen.





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You can enable the ‘Send Invoice’ in the invoices but setting up the message setup basic data.
Customer Window > Message Setup > Give the basic data setups.


Next if you RMB on the invoice you will be able to use the Send Invoice option.



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Hi BLLBrucemo,

When it comes to setting up electronic customer invoices via routing rules, you can follow the above steps mentioned by Thanushi.

If you wish to send an email once again for the invoice, you can use, RMB on header > Reprint Modified > Invoice Original >  Send E-Mail To, using Address: field again.