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Fixed Assets not selected in Depreciation Proposal

  • 17 December 2021
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I added the below Fixed Asset objects which are all in Active status with the Book, Depreciation Method, Acquisition Date and Valid from Date values defined.

When I attempt to run the Depreciation Proposal these Objects are not selected.

In creating the Objects and getting them into an Active status I didn’t Import the objects but used a series of Manual Supplier Invoices (IFS Help) to get the objects into IFS and not the Voucher entry screen.

These invoices were Non - PO and for each I received the message ‘Fixed Assets will be updated when updating the GL.

It doesn’t appear that any A type vouchers were generated by using this process and I’ve also noticed that in the Accounting Transactions Analysis screen that the Posting Control FAP0 was executed for each of the objects.

Any thoughts/information on where I went wrong in this process and why ultimately these objects are not being picked up in the Depreciation Proposal would be appreciated.

Thank you


Accounting Transactions Analysis

Best answer by Pawel Dworzynski 20 December 2021, 11:47

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Hi AlanS,

You can activate the object by manual voucher or by supplier invoice voucher as well, it works the same. Important is to post the object for the same Acquisition Account then connected at the Object screen. After activation you received additional Object transaction with FAP0. I ‘ ve checked in core App10 version and it work ok.

Check connected book and depr. method , there will be something with that probably.

Maybe starting principle is from next month...

Best regards



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Hi Pawel

Thanks so much for your response, it’s much appreciated!

I’ll take a deeper look at the Depreciation Method settings but  more importantly I don’t think I used the correct depreciation account in any of the Supplier Invoice Posting Proposals and just selected the first available account from the List of Values. Opposed to selecting the correct Acquisition Account - I chose Petty Cash - the first account in the list - maybe that’s where I went wrong.

Again, appreciate the help/input.


Hi Alan,

That is good that you’ve found the mistake in object preparation and now it is working as it should.

Best Regards



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Thanks Pawel