Fixed Asset Object Quantity

  • 15 September 2021
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I am wondering how we can see the quantities of an FA Object in the application.

Is there a window where we can view available quantities/units of a particular FA Object inherited from a supplier invoice?


After we create a New Manual Supplier Invoice linking the invoice to the FA object and specifying the quantities in the invoice,

where can we see this information in the Fixed Asset Object?


Also, when disposing of this object, can we dispose based on quantities? Following the previous example, can we specify to dispose 1 unit of the 10 units added previously?


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Hi @TimBernaN 

Usually we use Object Transaction Analysis or Object Balance analysis window for FA analysis.

In the case of quantity,after updating the invoice voucher to GL>Go to GL voucher rows analysis>Search for the Fixed asset ID

It will reflect the available quantity as follows




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If my understanding is correct, each object in IFS is “individual” - has its own id. Ususally, even if you bought several pieces on single PO, you can depreciate it separately - e.g. on different cost centers.

If you do not care about precise depreciation and inventory, you may store quantity information in the object properties.

Split operation can be used to create individual objects from single bulk procurement - or to create individual one to be scrapped or sold.