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  • 22 November 2021
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is it possible to populate automatically the “the completion percentage” at 100%  when we make a click right “project completion” on financial project ( see below in green) ?




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In this particular project, the current amount that has been capitalized is 0.  You can’t artificially set this to 100% as the value capitalized is only 0. 

Given that your project is set to use the periodical capitalization process, and nothing has been previously capitalized, you need to run the periodical capitalization process first.   This will then show how much you can complete. 

For example assume a project with estimated cost of 100.  Assume - like your project 0 is capitalized when running project completion. IFS shows the max of 0 that can be capitalized.   Similarly assume same project but 75 has been previously capitalized.   IFS will show a man amount of 75 or 75% that can be used for the partial project completion.    

In short, run the periodical capitalization process first. 

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