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Dear Experts,

I am trying to upload external voucher template several times(csv file). But, it stopped always with ‘Unpacked’ error. It is much appreciate if anyone can help me to solve the error. I’ll attach the external file which tried to upload with the template for your reference.


Thanks in advance,


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Hello @Thej 

What is your separator ID and decimal symbols?

Can you copy screen shot from General tab of external file template? Also open csv file with notepad and copy it. Click RMB on the csv and open with notepad


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@Furkan Zengin ,

This is the general tab of the external file template.


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looks like your seperator should be colon in stead of semi colon. 

so best is to save your excel as an csv and then open the file in notepad or so and double check if the seperator is a colon (,) or a semicolon (;). 


that should fix your issue.

(I would also suggest to remove your data from the forum as this seems to be client specific info)

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Hell @Thej 

  1. Change Separator ID to 4-Comma( , ).
  2. Change Decimal symbol to dot ( . ).
  3. Enter double quotes in Text Qualifier field ( " ) 
  4. Change date format to D/M/YYYY

That should work then.


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@Furkan Zengin ,

Still I am getting unpack error. But, nothing is there in error text field.


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Hi @Thej,


in my opinion there is a problem with first column Voucher_no - could you please check if this column is empty in your file ?

The begging of line should looks like:



best regards,