External Supplier Invoices: Error message in unexpected language

  • 19 September 2023
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Our customer is using MHS/Connectivity to process Intercompany Orders and inovices are received on the buying site/company in External Supplier Invoices.

The issue we are facing is when the invoice is automatically checked by the background job (initiated from In Message/Connectivity), the invoice in the external supplier invoice screen is displayed with an error text in German language but expected is English. Error texts for user in German outside of Germany in a global installation do not help really.

The Message Setup of the supplier in the invoice receiving company includes the Automatic Approval and the IFSAPP as the Approval User. Therefore, in the invoice is checked by the transfer process in the background and if “something” is wrong with the invoice, the error message is directly stored in the external supplier invoice line.

In the background job of function “Invoice_Transfer_API.Receive_Invoice” the language code is de (German), so this mighte be the reason but I could not find the place where this setting retrieved to the job.

  • All Background Job queues have NO language specified (as far as I know this is a selection parameter)
  • The System Parameter of User Setting - Default server language setup is en (English).

Any idea what to check and where to change?

Thank you.

1 reply

I once encountered a problem with a client's application language changing strangely.
It turned out that this issue causes a custom event.
Generally the language of the application cannot be changed in Custom events.
But in one of new added custom events , there was a call to Init_Debug_Session_  procedure:
Event started like this:
-- this causes enumeration runtime error!!!!!
The procedure Init_Debug_Session_ ('en') is calling procedure
which changes application language on the server side to english.
Maybe your problem is similar but with Init_Debug_Session_('de');

Best Regards,
Pawel Dworzynski