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Hello Community - 

On the external supplier invoices screen, I have an invoice with the load error “Payment method ACH does not exist for supplier xx”.  This is true but the supplier does have a payment method of check.  Why is IFS insisting they get paid via ACH?  We are on IFS10 update17. TIA



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Hi, Debbie,
How these invoices were loaded? From the file or MHS/EDI message?

You can check the Installment information window (under right click on invocie header) - most probably record is there with ACH method indicated.

If invoice is loaded from file, it might be issue in file data, if from message - for some reason ACH method has been used or defaulted in the message. 

In both ways root cause is in the input data, not in the interface behavior.

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Thank you - I found that ACH was indicated under installment information.  I removed it and the error cleared.  I will have to look into the input file to see what caused it but we can move forward now.