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Error when Import Company template

  • 19 November 2021
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We are having an server error when trying to import the company template in apps10 using Import Company Template File Assistant.

Any suggestion to overcome this issue, would really appreciate it.

Ifs.Fnd.FndSystemException: Unexpected error while calling server method AccessPlsql/Invoke ---> Ifs.Fnd.FndServerFaultException: ORA-06550: line 2, column 1147:
PLS-00302: component 'CRLF_' must be declared



Best answer by Manoj Ruwanhewa 20 November 2021, 17:05

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3 replies

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Hi @MitDenukN ,

Hope you are doing this by exporting a template from a legacy version such as IFS V8 or V9

If you need to take a company template from one version to another. Under the current functionality direct exporting/importing company templates between versions/updates is not supported & hence it'll generate errors on creation which needs to be corrected manually.


Source - LCS case G2225296


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Hi @MitDenukN ,


Enterp_Comp_Connect_V190_API.crlf_  no longer exists from Apps9 onwards.

We don’t support the scenario of importing templates from different versions because there could be many new fields/features that could have been added between the versions. We believe that is the reason that they have implemented the validation against the component versions. You could see similar comments (“No Data Found”) for other components and LUs as well. The reason for this is again the difference between the component version that has been imported from the template and the version that is installed in the database.  

The recommendation would be to not import the template from the older version to the new version. You can instead create a new template from the version 10 itself from the Create Company Template Assistant using an existing template or a company and then modify it as they want. This could be then used while creating new companies. 


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Hi @Manoj Ruwanhewa and @Chamaka Wimalarathne, Thank you very much for those valuable information. I really appreciate your help.

Thank you again.