Employee Payments Using ISO20022

  • 23 January 2023
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We are using App9 and looking for a solution to handle Employee Payments Using ISO20022.

As of now we do not use HCM module and the Employee Expense system is separated from IFS.

We have requirement to make the employee payments through IFS and using ISO20022. We will be moving IFS Cloud in few years time.

What is the best approach handle this in App9? We have some thoughts around this and have identified few options. But, not sure which is best and simple.

  1. Register Employees as Suppliers and integrate with Employee Expense system to create a external supplier invoice.
  2. Create Employees as External Payment Recipients and generate a Non-Supplier Payment with a integration. Is there a External File Template for loading a Non-Supplier Payment ?
  3. Use the HR module and register Employees in IFS. Use Employee Payments. We do not want a heavy setup HR module that make it complicated.




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3 replies

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Hi @GayanD 

you can use ISO20022 but then you want to create your employees as suppliers to pay them, right?

Then you can create man. supplier invoices.

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Hi, Typically I would recommend the external supplier invoice process. It works, we know it works, it’s easy and probably has the best traceability / support.   Non supplier payments is limited in functionality. It clearly does not have all the supported options like the traditional supplier invoice / external supplier invoice.  

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We are looking at using the standard IFS Employee Travel Expense > Payments in Full > Transfer Payment to create the ISO20022 Format BACS file to pay to the Employee (using the Employee Properties for Sort Code and Account no) .

Struggling with cancelling.editing payments though.