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Early Report expiration causes Customer Invoices with Errors

  • 5 April 2021
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I have noticed and been involved with multiple cases of multiple APP10 customers on Customer Invoice with send error “ORA-20105: Archive.KEYERR: Report with key [XXXXX] does not exist”.

The cause for this was early expiration of CUSTOMER_ORDER_IVC_REP report within one day. 

A user case: If a customer order has, for example not enough information on the Order Addresses/single occurrence and being invoiced by the Coordinator. Due to not enough information, Invoice is in Error, so the Coordinator changes and add enough info and save. When the user run the rerun functionality and process the invoice, receives the error message.  

We have been noticed the same issue with INSTANT_INVOICE_REP too.

So that, I suggest you to check Report Expiration in Report Archive > Result Keys. If there is no any business reason behind early expiration dates, please revisit to adjust them accordingly.

To change Life Time of any report please refer: 


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To prevent of getting this error “Report with key [XXXXX] does not exist” you can extend default Life time for reports CUSTOMER_ORDER_IVC_REP and INSTANT_INVOICE_REP up to 1826 days (5 years), which is the required time for storing invoice documents by law regulations.

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