Distribution and Manfacturing Posting Analysis Errors

  • 16 March 2023
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We have suddenly began receiving the following error in our Posting Analysis:

Cancel/Rollback Posting method is set to Reverse in Company OM1.

Therefore, it is not allowed to create a voucher with correction row(s).

Has anyone ever come across this error? We cannot figure out what’s causing the error.

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I would suggest that you log a call center case.  I would say that’s a bug (but I’m a consultant not R&D).  I’ve seen this at a client and in an internal R&D environment. 


To fix, (temporary fix) go to company / accounting rules and change this setting.  Process the erroneous transactions to GL then change the setting back.  Timing of this “temporary” change is important as you probably don’t want other transactions affected by this company setting change.  In other words, don’t make the change and leave it that way for days / weeks. 

If you log a case, and need assistance, ping me. 

In certain parts of the world, IFS is set up with a correction type setting. In this setting, certain transactions are entered as a negative debit.  

For most parts of the world, we would never use IFS that way.  

However, it looks like some fix caused this issue, and IMO some correction to a previous code change needs to be considered. 

Hope this helps.