Customer Bills of Exchange multiple invoices

  • 20 March 2023
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We use Customer Bills of Exchange in Enterprise Explorer Apps 10. 

And when doing so we first create a Payment document proposal and in Customer BoE we then use the Create BoE from Payment Doc Id. That works perfectly because we can select multiple invoices at once as shown below. 


When trying to do the same in Aurena we encounter some issues. 

In Aurena we do the same procedure with the payment proposal. 

But when we want to select multiple invoices it doesn’t work. 

We can only select one invoice at a time and that makes the process extremely time consuming. 


Has anyone else encountered this issue? 

And even better, does anyone know a solution for this? 


Best regards, Tobias

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In Aurena, if you create a new BOE, you can use the option to select multiple invoices.  

Slightly different flow, but that process allows you to select multiple invoices and match that with the new BOE. 

Best regards