Currency code must be inverted (EUR)

  • 22 November 2022
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Hi experts,

I just created a new company on IFS Cloud (no transactions). I can’t change the currency EUR to “not inverted”. It seems like it’s locked in the background for this specific currency. Couldn’t find any corresponding settings in window “Currency”. Does anyone know how to not invert this currency? Goal would be to not invert a single currency in order to have a consistent setup:


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Best answer by Ieva Rituma 22 November 2022, 11:42

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3 replies

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When this functionality was originally introduced there was a requirement to keep EUR as an inverted quotation. At that time EUR had a fixed currency rate for 3 years. Although this is no longer required, this validation has remained because multiple validations are built in across the application. I’ve looked at past cases and this was previously suggested to be an idea for future improvements. Please could you create an idea and I’ll support it. 

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Hi Ieva, 

Thank you for your fast feedback. I created the new idea. Link: Enable "not inverted quotation" for currency EUR | IFS Community.

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Looks like APPS10 is hardcoded the same way.