CAMT053 Matching to customer when no invoice number

  • 13 January 2022
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We are setting up CAMT053 to be used in external payment to book payments. 

I have manage to get the matching to work when the payer are providing invoice number, some customer are however paying only a total sum without invoice ref.

In those cases we get not even customer ID even though the customer name are mention in bank transaction info 1 below. 

How should we set up, so in case no invoice number are mention IFS at least should pick up the customer ID.  


Also, Now IFS is considering supplier payments that are from payment order, but manual payments are disappearing even though they are mention in the file. No warning, 

Those payments are having same message code ICDT as those from the payment order, I tried to add one ICDT message code for supplier payment as well but not allowed, how is that handled?  


Thanks in advance! 

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