Business Planning - Planning Drivers

  • 17 March 2023
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Could someone please explain the role of the ‘Planning Driver’ in ‘Business Planning’?


I have noticed that it is mandatory to enter the planning driver in the planning unit itself, in order for a planning rule to execute (referring to automatic execution).


To further explain, I am trying to setup following scenario in planning rules.


I was able to setup the planning rules and calculate revenue automatically.


Afterward, I tried to calculate the cost only by specifying the assumption driver (relating to VC). I didn’t specify units, since it was already specified under the ‘revenue’ planning unit. However, the planning rule didn’t get executed.


Could someone advise the reason for this behavior please?


Thank You


1 reply

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There is a really good Academy training for IFS Business Planning (Course ID: SOONFINBP202111), I’m sure that you will find the exact answers there. Including how to write it back from Excel.

But to answer your question;

I think you should execute the rules from the Tab Planning Rules Execution on the Business Plan itself.