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Archiving Customer Invoices

  • 9 February 2021
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Is there anyone that has configured a solution for archiving (pdf) customer invoices from IFS?

In many countries, you are required by law to store a copy of your customer invoice in 7 years (or more), but we don’t want to fill-up the Report Archive in IFS to store the invoice pdfs (we send out approximately 800000 customer invoices per year in total for all companies in the database).

The issue comes when you have to reprint an original invoice. If you use IFS feature “Reprint Original” it requires the invoice to be found in the Report Archive. And as I mentioned, we can’t really see the feasibility to store this huge volume of invoices in the database for a long time period.

We are thinking of perhaps using a separate archiving tool, e.g. from StreamServe, for archiving pdf copies of the customer invoices created in IFS Applications. This will give us easy access and lookup options for historical invoices, without affecting the performance for running IFS reports in the database. (We also see a need to be able to store the invoices using different tags, e.g. invoice year, customer no, invoice type, invoice number etc. for easy extraction for reprint or auditing purposes.)

Is there anyone in this community that has any experience with archiving invoices from IFS, using other software or customizations?

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Have you considered storing the PDF in IFS document management and attaching the document to the invoice?

You could configure the document storage to be an FTP or file storage server to move the storage out of your database.



William Klotz

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I hope the following is the answer you seek which extracted from a previous Community post.

You can schedule the report and use a report rule with “Route to connect” action to send the PDF to connect senders to store. Another option would be to use the report rule to set the printer as “SEND_TO_CONNECT” and then create a routing rule to catch this application message and set a particular routing address to save the PDF to any location that you want.