× Activity Sequence No must have a value for Project

  • 13 December 2022
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I have the following error message when i forgot to select activity sequence n° if I do a manual voucher on project : 

“Activity Sequence No must have a value for Project 1092”. This control is very important.


This control is now not active, and now i am able to select a project without Activity sequence when i do a manual voucher on project.


Do you know where is the parameter in order to activate this control and this error message?


Below the error message i have in my test environnement



4 replies

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The activity sequence is mandatory for all accounts with an account type of “Cost” or “Revenue”. For balance sheet accounts, this is controlled based on this setting:


When the setting is TRUE - activity sequence is not required. 

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Ok thanks,

So my setting is “exclure du suivi projet” and i am able to post a manual voucher on a project without activity sequence. So i think it’s not a fonctionnal issue but a system issue


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What is the setup of the project? Is it a “full” project with activities and subprojects or just a financial project? You can see that based on the project origin in the Financial Project window or by looking at whether there is a record in Project Definition window.


It looks like the account is a cost account, and the setting “Exclude for project follow-up” is correctly set to false, therefore requiring an activity.


Another thing that might be missing is the setup of cost/revenue elements. Do you use Account as the driver? In that case, please check that the “Cost/Revenue Element per Code Part Value” is filled for the account you’re using in the manual voucher.

If you use another GL code part, then check that that’s entered in the manual voucher and the mapping of cost/revenue element exists. 

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Hello @FPOC, @Ieva Rituma 


I have posting types using a statistic account (PRJT2 for ex) and for which a “project” code part value has been setup with the “employee category” control type. 

After time registration is created, the following error message appears “activity sequence no must have a value” like you, and I have tried to “exclude from project follow up” the account but the checkbox is greyed, can’t modify it. 


Do you have any idea as to why this may happen and how i could eventually process this booking without the activity sequence ?


Thank you