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Accounting Periods - Final Close

  • 1 December 2020
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We went live back in August and want to tidy our accounting periods up.   We have them going back to 1900.  For a number of years the periods are closed but the year is open.  


How do we carry out  the RMB > Final Period Close on the Accounting Periods screen,   The periods are all closed and there are no outstanding transactions/errors etc., reported when running RMB > Validate Transactions in Progress,  but still the Final Period Close is greyed out.



Also, is there a way to carry out a number of year ends.

Would it be a case of using Cursor and API calls to perform the same task as running through the process in IFS.


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Yes, in such a case I would recommend to execute script with cursor and api calls. something like that:

   a_   VARCHAR2(32000) := NULL;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.lsTemp
   c_   NUMBER := 1977;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfFromAccYear
   d_   NUMBER := 1978;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfToAccYear
   e_   VARCHAR2(32000) := NULL;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfCalculateAll
   f_   NUMBER := NULL;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfRate
   g_   NUMBER := NULL;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfConvFactor
   h_   VARCHAR2(32000) := 'FB';     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.sClBal
   i_   VARCHAR2(32000) := NULL;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfUserGroup
   j_   VARCHAR2(32000) := NULL;     -- i_hWndFrame.dlgFinalYearEnd.dfVoucherType

for rec_ in 
  (select * from ifsapp.accounting_period where accounting_year <= 2016 
  and company = '&Company' 
  and period_status = 'Open'
  ifsapp.Accounting_Period_API.Close_Period(rec_.objid, rec_.objversion);
end loop;

for rec_ in 
  (select * from ifsapp.acc_Year where accounting_year <= 2016 and company = '&Company' and Year_status = 'Open')
   IFSAPP.Accounting_Year_Closing_API.Update_Opening_Balances__(a_ ,, rec_.accounting_year, rec_.accounting_year + 1, e_,
   f_, g_,h_, i_,j_);
   IFSAPP.Accounting_year_API.Final_Year_End(, rec_.accounting_year, rec_.accounting_year + 1);
end loop;

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Just some information. Below is the help text available for Final Close.



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‘RMB > Close Period Finally’ option would get enabled only if ‘Not Reversible’ option is selected under ‘Company’ window as shown below.

A further explanation from relevant ‘Help’ is as follows,

“This field indicates whether it will be possible to finally close accounting periods. If Reversible is selected the Close Period Finally right mouse button menu option will not be enabled in the Accounting Periods window. If Not Reversible is selected the Close Period Finally option will be enabled in the Accounting Periods window. The finally closed accounting periods cannot be reopened again.

If Not Reversible is selected, when performing a year-end all previous accounting periods must be in a finally closed state.”

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